BY  Michael Jensen  Jr

It is articles like the one below that get me going. Here you have a protest that has been going on for sometime now, and this is what they say! “SRINAGAR, India — At least 13 protesters have been killed in clashes with troops in Kashmir that have been partly fueled by a report of a Quran being desecrated in the United States, police said Monday.” LOL! There they go again thinking we are drinking the FOOLAID. Come on people, wake up, and you will see what is going on here. We should not fall for stuff like this. If we do, then we are suckers. The media is getting worse by the day. They will stop at nothing to try and get us to live our lives in fear. They think if we live in fear they can control us a lot better. This all the more reason you know the Quran burning was all a staged act and Terry Jones was in on it. But I could be wrong, but I doubt it.  Nothing will surprise me today! Those fools burn our flag , and no one in the media says anything. They only show us images to rub it in our faces. Where is the media cry when they burn our flags? Oh ya, I  forgot we live in a world where people get their feeling hurt, so we can’t say anything. Well ,we need to take that political correctness and shove it up their you know what, and tell them enough is enough. That is so sad. Our biggest fear in this country is not terrorist; it is the fear of saying the wrong thing!! What happened to freedom of Speech? And most of all what happened to the real Americans right to defend themselves? Please stand up and say what you mean and mean what you say!

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