by Kate Barry

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes cruising the Internet in search of political ‘news’ has bumped up against the professional left. If most people were like me, they simply thought these prolific posters, repeating the same memes, were nothing more than regular Daily Kos readers with too much time on their hands. Now, we have confirmation, thanks to Mouth of Sauron, Robert Gibbs. They are the professional schoolyard bullies of the far left.

They’re easy to recognize. How many times can the same three talking points be used and not look suspiciously organized…or like simpleminded repetition? 1: You’re a racist. 2: You’re a sore loser. 3: Where were you for the last eight years while Bush was destroying the country? Just maybe, many of us were seeing a pattern forming before Bush left office that we didn’t like either. However, we didn’t organize like a little league team hitting the same ball foul hundreds of times a day. We’re learning though and one of the most important lessons we’ve taken from their example is that we don’t want to be Alinsky Zombies who believe the end justifies the means. Truth will win out and they’re doing a terrific job of showing us the truth about who they really are.

Recently, two bloggers found themselves in a tweet-to-tweet battle with the organized foul hitters on Twitter. After in depth research and connecting the dots, they found some interesting information about how the hired batters tie together and their mission to be as immature as possible to push an agenda only 1% of the population seems to think is a good idea. In the article linked to below, the author takes us through the origins of a social media assault to discredit anyone who disagrees with them or their chosen candidate. Wackiness and e-threats ensued. Don’t miss the captured tweets.

Yes, these e-twits are doing a fine job…of ensuring Republicans are elected in nearly all races from dogcatchers to governors to Congress. They are their own worst enemies.

Desperate Dems Hire E-Thugs For 2010 Elections


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