Un-mined and Undermined

Un-mined and Undermined

                                By: Mrs. Goodmanners

My goodness! Have you ever seen anything as amazing as the moment the first Chilean miner popped out of that rock rocket after 69 days of living like a mole 2000 feet underground? Like billions of folks all around the world, I held my breath until every last one of the miners and rescuers stood on the topside of terra firma. Lord have mercy! Here we have it all: The triumph of the human spirit; the triumph of technological ingenuity; and the triumph of people caring about people they didn’t know from Adam’s house cat.

 Americans were well represented in that rescue too. In the little town of Berlin, Pennsylvania, the employees of a small drilling company cheered that day too. They had reason to break out the Chinette for a celebratory lunch. Center Rock, Inc. made the whole rescue possible with their very own drill bit–invented by them (along with drilling equipment manufacturer, Schramm Inc. of West Chester, Pa.). Americans. In Pennsylvania. For 37 days, the company’s owner, Brandon Fisher, and his director of construction and mining tools, Richard Soppe, worked nearly around the clock to make the rescue possible months ahead of the predicted Christmas date for completion.
While the rescue clicked along, Center Rock’s intrepid employees still managed to conduct daily business. After all, they had customers who still needed their services. Imagine that! A company that’s inventive, cares about their customers and still has time to squeeze in a rescue of foreigners in a country way down yonder.
Let me tell you, that’s real sharing of wealth. It’s the wealth of knowledge, the wealth of caring about others and the wealth of American exceptionalism.  Of course, we could have sent them a couple million bucks and called it Mine Aid. The outcome would probably have been quite different since money seems to always fall into an abyss of bureaucratic incompetence, but I’m sure some government official would have truly enjoyed his new vacation home overlooking miles of spectacular scenery. Since the idea of throwing money at every problem in life never works out, our Pennsylvania heroes willingly shared the only kind of wealth around that works and it saved the lives of 33 men. 
Why, even NASA took time out of their busy schedule of building Muslim countries’ self-esteem to create the rock rocket, as well as a few backup capsules, just in case of malfunction. Their team also helped with nutrition since they know a little something about survival when cut off from the local A&P. And, NASA’s psychologists came in pretty handy with helping 33 men cope with being confined to a dark compartment stuck in the bedrock of Spaceship Earth. 
In fact, a bevy of Americans jumped right in to help out. From an email Mr. Goodmanners sent me, I got the scoop on the others. In addition to the Center Rock Company and Schramm Inc., here’s a list of the other terrible capitalist pigs that spread their considerable wealth of talents, time and equipment:
         UPS, the US shipping company, delivered the 13-ton
drilling equipment from Pennsylvania to Chile in less than 48 hours.
        Crews from Layne Christensen Company of Wichita Kansas
and its subsidiary Geotec Boyles Bros. worked the drills and machinery
to locate and reach the miners and then enlarge the holes to ultimately
rescue them.
        Jeff Hart of Denver Colorado was called off his job
drilling water wells for the U.S. Army’s forward operating bases in
Afghanistan to lead the drilling crew that reached the miners.
        Atlas Copco Construction Mining Company of Milwaukee,
Wisconsin provided consulting on how to make drilling equipment from
different sources work together under differing pressure specifications.
        Aries Central California Video of Fresno California designed the
special cameras that were lowered nearly a mile into the ground sending
back video of the miners.
        Zephyr Technologies of Annapolis Maryland, made the remote monitors
of vital signs that miners wore during their ascent.
        NASA Engineers designed the “Phoenix” capsule that miners would
be brought to the surface in, and provided medical consulting, special diets
and spandex suits to maintain miners’ blood pressure as they’re brought back
to the surface.
        Oakley (California) supplied and gave the sun glasses for the miners to
wear to protect their eyes from sunlight.
And just in case the American drill failed–which it didn’t–Canadian-based Precision Drilling Corp. and South-African company Murray & Roberts drilled backup rescue shafts. Lord love ’em. Good folks all.
I don’t know about Muslim countries, but American self-esteem took orbit. Not that most of us were surprised about anything these people did. We’ve known about Americans all along. But please, somebody notify the poor children who blame America for every hangnail and bump in the world’s road that there are more good, hardworking Americans whose risk-taking isn’t just about hoarding all the cash for themselves than there are those who are certifiable Scrooges. America might not be perfect, but no other country in the world is as generous with its technology and resources as America. Good grief. Yes, these horrible, greedy capitalists dared to be successful. And heaven forbid they be rewarded for their efforts.
All I’ve got to say is thank God for all the smart cookies who got off their duffs to make all sorts of unique doo-dads, gadgets and rockets. Thirty-three men are alive today because of them and who knows how many others have benefited from their products and their continual fiddling with their ideas to make something work and work well.
America should be proud and grateful for our entrepreneurs, our dreamers–our doers. I imagine Chilean citizens are pleased as punch too. The families of the miners, including the spurned wife who declined to stand in line behind the miner’s mistress for a hug, are probably beside themselves with gratitude their loved ones are safe. The Chilean government, I’m not so sure about.
Lo and behold, while Mr. Fisher and Mr. Soppe, NASA problem-solvers–the ones who still have a job as highly-educated-in-another-field-self-esteem coaches–and the host of others who turned out to help, worked day and night to free Chile’s trapped miners, the Chilean government busied themselves writing up a friend of the court brief opposing Arizona’s new illegal immigration law, then submitted it to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. This brief, filed along with nearly a dozen other Latin American countries, was accepted into record by one of our very own judges. Bless Paddy! Does this judge understand what a border does? Apparently, he thinks it’s a collie or place to buy books. Then let me be the umpteenth-millionth American to point out to His Honor-less that what happens within these US borders is an internal matter and not subject to review by banana republics that see no need to change their ways so as to provide opportunity for their own folks–unless, of course, it’s the opportunity to transport their major exports–humans and drugs.
Before anyone gets their knickers in a wad, I’m not talking about legal immigrants. Read that sentence again, dear. I’m talking about the sneaky Petes that steal into this country by hook or crook, thereby instantly becoming a criminal. No matter how bad their life is in their country, no matter how much pot they had to carry just to turn a buck, no matter how far they walked through treacherous terrain and banditos to make it to the border, they are here illegally. End of story. Of course, our very own government, the one that appointed His Honor-less to the bench, dangle carrots in the form of freebies for all who break the immigration laws. Talk about rewarding bad behavior. The average American is a decent person, but our government is about as smart as a box of rusted lug nuts.
Chile’s and its buddy nations’ intrusion into our business is dirt-road rude. It’s ungrateful. It’s none of their business, nor any other country’s, including the corrupt waste-of-space UN, what our laws are or how we enforce them. None. In fact, they have at their disposal an entire galaxy of no-say-so. To poke their nose into our border business is just about the most insulting response to help I’ve ever heard of. These Latin American countries aren’t showing us their briefs to help the 1 out 7 out-of-work Americans. They aren’t here to save lives or out of concern for the taxpayer who just shelled out a wad of cash in the form of a rescue. No, dear. They’re here for self-serving interests that run counter to America’s. Well, that’s a fine how-do-you-do. What would they have thought if we had responded to their crisis with a friend of the court brief demanding they ignore their laws to benefit illegal mining activity? I’m willing to bet two pans of biscuits and a pone of cornbread they would not appreciate us interfering in their business one little bit.
I mean, really….  
I’m happy we were able to help Chile and would do it again, but I’m not willing to dismiss our laws, burden the taxpayers even more than we already are, or to give foreign drug lords a wildlife refuge on our side of the border without so much as a whimper. Since our Congressional critters have done nothing to stem the human and drug traffic–current and past administrations–and have no intention of doing so, what choice has Arizona been left with? If our elected rusted-out, government lug nuts think friend of the court briefs from foreign countries are a good idea and if they think we should all be able to just scoot across any old border and suck up taxpayer resources anytime we want, I suggest they take it to Chile. Run on across their border illegally. Go on. We’ll wait. Then while you’re sitting in a jail cell, we’ll forward a brief, but friendly note to tell the Chileans what a big meany they are for enforcing their laws. I mean, we’re all one big happy family. Right? They shouldn’t mind at all since they’re in favor of us excusing illegal entry of any-old-body who wants to slip in the back door. Good luck, amigo, because the Chileans will be using our friendly note for target practice, just like we ought to be doing with their holey brief.
Like many Americans, I’m just plain hopping mad that Chile has joined in this attack on our sovereignty. The individual freedoms protected by our Constitution guarantees entrepreneurs the opportunity to invent a drill that saved their citizens. It also protects a creative vision that reached out beyond the confines of gravity and formed NASA. This applies to each and every company that worked to get Chile’s behind out from nearly a mile underground. In fact, our laws, our borders and our Constitution are meant to protect US citizens first and foremost, not pander to criminals who don’t respect this country or the opportunities that our citizens used to create a whole passel of products and services that have benefited the world. Without us being who we are, Chile would be in mourning.
Next time, Chile, just send us a thank-you note. 
Since Congress and the current yahoo administration is too busy humming We Are the World to notice the economic and human casualties piling up, the Constitution recognizes a state’s right to defend itself in Article 1, Section 10, paragraph 3.  No state shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not permit delay. If millions of foreigners streaming across our borders without due process and drug lords taking control of US soil and committing heinous acts of violence isn’t an invasion, then what is it? It’s sure not a picnic with friendly neighbors. 
It’s plain as the nose on your face; the Kumbaya Court is utterly incompetent. It has failed to do anything other than sue Arizona, side with the invaders against its own people, and send a few signs warning Americans to stay off their own land because of foreign violence. Arizona is without a doubt in imminent danger.
All of our states and citizens are struggling with a bad economy and with the bad legislation that created it, but none more so than the border states that are inundated daily by illegal aliens and by drug cartels that kill and kidnap and run an illegal substance business that is neither inventive or worth sharing. A gaggle of Latin America countries sticking their noses into our internal affairs is the last thing we need. Butt out. Clean your own house. We’ll take care of ours.
Come November 2, it’s time for this country to do our duty too and throw out as many of the political polecats as possible. It’s high time for them to change their tune to Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime. It couldn’t happen to anyone who deserves it more.
Oh! And by the way, Chile. You’re welcome.
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