Brain Washing

By Tinter

America has been brainwashed. The methods used are easily identified, and the success is obvious.  Hitler’s mass appeal techniques have been studied and are used by government and the media.  Our schools, movies, and media have dumbed-down the populace to the point that real Americans who support limited government, limited taxation, gun ownership, etc. are considered the oddballs in America today.

During the American Revolution, the pro-big-government citizen was called as a Tory. In 1777, George Washington was told that several Tories had hanged themselves, and he replied,   “One or two have done what a great number ought to have done long ago – committed suicide. By all accounts there never existed a more miserable set of beings than these wretched creatures now are.”  When the Patriotic Americans won the Revolutionary war, many thousands of Tories (liberals) were stripped of their property, and many tens-of-thousands fled the country.

American now has the biggest central government the world has ever seen.  Our military has over 700 bases in more than 100 countries.

Our national government has become the very same bloated bureaucratic democracy that once controlled us from England.

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