By Tinter
The Declaration of Independence declares that “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God” are the source of man’s rights. The natural rights listed and protected by the Bill of Rights existed before government, and in no way depend on government for their existence. The U.S. Supreme Court has declared this fact. These are known as absolute rights. Absolute rights belong to us due to the nature of our existence, are “unalienable” and “self-evident.”

America was founded as a republic – a “nation of laws.” In a republic the government is formed by – and constrained by – laws.  But America has decayed into a democracy in which voters pass any law they please, and government is virtually unlimited in its ability to make laws, interpret the laws, and apply the laws with increasing force.

An individual must know his or her RIGHTS, understand that they are absolute rights not subject to government, and these rights must be forcefully claimed and exercised.

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By Tinter

The most misunderstood phrase in the English language is the “United States.”  The misunderstanding comes from the fact that there are actually 3 different and legally separate entities referred to as the “United States.”

Many people in this country today are proud to be citizen’s of the United States, but that is not what our Founding Fathers intended for us.  They intended us to be citizens of our state, and the it was the states that formed the united States of America. (the States of America that united).

The Bill of Rights was written to protect the state citizens from the centralized government, but it does not protect the citizens of the United States from the laws of the U.S. Congress.  Only “citizens of the several states” enjoy the protection of the Bill of Rights.

To enjoy the intended private and personal rights that create the freedoms and liberty of America, one must understand the legal scheme that government is and how it relys on the citizens misunderstanding of the term “United States.”

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by Kate Barry

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes cruising the Internet in search of political ‘news’ has bumped up against the professional left. If most people were like me, they simply thought these prolific posters, repeating the same memes, were nothing more than regular Daily Kos readers with too much time on their hands. Now, we have confirmation, thanks to Mouth of Sauron, Robert Gibbs. They are the professional schoolyard bullies of the far left.

They’re easy to recognize. How many times can the same three talking points be used and not look suspiciously organized…or like simpleminded repetition? 1: You’re a racist. 2: You’re a sore loser. 3: Where were you for the last eight years while Bush was destroying the country? Just maybe, many of us were seeing a pattern forming before Bush left office that we didn’t like either. However, we didn’t organize like a little league team hitting the same ball foul hundreds of times a day. We’re learning though and one of the most important lessons we’ve taken from their example is that we don’t want to be Alinsky Zombies who believe the end justifies the means. Truth will win out and they’re doing a terrific job of showing us the truth about who they really are.

Recently, two bloggers found themselves in a tweet-to-tweet battle with the organized foul hitters on Twitter. After in depth research and connecting the dots, they found some interesting information about how the hired batters tie together and their mission to be as immature as possible to push an agenda only 1% of the population seems to think is a good idea. In the article linked to below, the author takes us through the origins of a social media assault to discredit anyone who disagrees with them or their chosen candidate. Wackiness and e-threats ensued. Don’t miss the captured tweets.

Yes, these e-twits are doing a fine job…of ensuring Republicans are elected in nearly all races from dogcatchers to governors to Congress. They are their own worst enemies.

Desperate Dems Hire E-Thugs For 2010 Elections

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Human Lie Detectors and Lunar Landscapes

Human Lie Detectors and Lunar Landscapes

by Kate Barry

A while back, I read an interesting article on human lie detectors. Scientists have known for years that physiological changes take place when a person lies, but this study looked at why some people are hard to fool and others tend to be gullible. The researchers found that there are people who seem to have an innate ability to subconsciously note the outward physiological changes in a person telling a whopper. Maybe it’s a slight dilation of the pupil or an instantaneous shift of the eyes or a change in body language. Something tips off people who are sensitive to catching such tell-tale signs. Of course, human lie detectors range from very very good to so gullible they will buy lakeside, lunar real estate. “Whadda ya mean, lunar means on the moon?”

While I certainly don’t claim to be in the very very good category of human lie detectors, I’m fairly decent at noting my internal warning meter when it beeps. Imam Feisal Rauf, from the first time I saw him speak, sent my meter into a beeping fit.

Nothing he says seems to line up properly with what he does. The whole idea of an Islamic Cordoba Cultural/Community/Mosque/Bridge/Park 51–actually located at Park 45–complete with a swimming pool, hardly seems like a venture someone of great sensitivity, as Imam Rauf states of himself, would ever consider locating well within the field of debris and ashes of where The World Trade Centers once stood. You don’t need an internal meter to grasp that. Heck, even people who now know they own lunar property get it. Of course, 29% of the population still think they own a nice lakeside lot in Arizona.

The more I listened to Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan, the more uncomfortable I got with their message. After Rauf’s appearance on the Larry King Show where he told Soledad O’Brian, “This crisis could become much bigger than the Danish Cartoon crisis which resulted in attacks on Danish embassies in various parts of the Muslim world”, I gave up on trying to give him the benefit of doubt. Not even a complete difference in world view could explain away such a statement. He’s lived here since he was 17. He was educated here. Nah, he knew exactly what this center would mean to Americans and what it would mean to the Muslim world. He made a choice and by golly, he’s stuck by it, even if it means telling us that if the center isn’t built, the Muslim world will perceive it as an insult and might have a temper tantrum. Yes, he must build his bridge to sensitivity whether New Yorkers want to be cuddled or not…or somebody somewhere might be compelled to blow up something or someone.

And he’s a moderate Muslim? What exactly does that mean anyway? Throughout my travels about the information highway, I didn’t find a single guideline that defines what moderates believe. Do they have a handbook? How about a creed? Since all Muslims esteem the same texts, which part of these texts do moderates leave out? Which of conflicting verses do they choose since the Qu ‘ran states later verses abrogate the older one and the later ones are not very warm and fuzzy toward the disposition of infidels? Do they completely separate the religious aspects of Islam from the political/militaristic Sharia mandates? My meter tells me that threats of violence are found in the unabridged Islamic texts. Not very moderate of you, Imam.

After 9-11, President Bush asked Americans to be our best, to not turn our pain and anger on innocent people. America didn’t. There were instances, instances I and every other sane adult condemns, but there was not then, nor now, an open season on Muslims. America has proven she’s not Islamophobic, yet, that word keeps popping up from both the Imam and his wife, the talking heads, and the lakeside-lot owners. In fact, the DOJ dispels this idea by reporting crimes against Muslims have steadily fallen since 9-11 and they were, then and now, still fewer than religiously-motivated crimes against Jews and Christians.

Despite the lack of evidence of Islamophobia, the meme continues to fill the airwaves. The president admonished Americans to be tolerant. We have. We are, and it’s not working.

Tolerance never works. It’s a one-way street where one group, a minority, demands concessions or special rights from another group, the majority. Even when demands are met, the tolerated’s triumphant joy fizzles quickly. They don’t feel any better. They’re still miserable, angry and empty. They contributed nothing to the relationship other than the energy it took to work themselves into a rage. It’s a hollow victory. No one likes to be merely tolerated. Soon, they need another fix. The tolerant, who quickly tire of being hit up and blamed for everything wrong in the tolerated’s life, aren’t feeling too charitable either. They made concessions, often in a genuine desire to do the right thing, to help, and the mental toddlers just keep demanding more and more. Tolerance is a recipe for sure failure, a complete breakdown in the process of being an adult. Both sides have failed the test.

Respect is a two-way street where both parties have something to gain and something to lose. Respect is contingent on integrity, honor and mutual contributions. Yeah, it’s harder, but it works and everybody is happier.

Imam Rauf is working the wrong side of the fence. We get it. We recognize his right to build the center, but Muslims must also recognize our right to peacefully protest it. We’re not the problem in this kerfuffle. I realize the Muslim world blames America for all the evil everywhere, for screwing them in deals, and I’m sure there are instances where I might even agree with them that our government has acted less than honorably, but they might want to look first at their own leaders, who like nearly all people in power, are prone to bribery and talking out of both sides of their mouth. That’s as fixed in nature as lunar landscapes being located on the moon. And there’s taqiyya and kitman; the officially sanctioned lie to advance Islam. Face it, Mr. Clandestine Jihadist, your own leaders have sold you down the river when they saw an opportunity to use you to advance their own power. Still, no matter who or what kicked off the tantrum, Muslims are responsible for their behavior.

If Rauf and Ms. Khan want us to respect them as moderates and as the peaceful new face of Islam, then they need to outline to us exactly what that means, complete with definitions for words such as ‘moderate’, ‘terrorist’, and ‘innocent’, then live by it. Rauf’s role in the Sharia Index Project is going to be hard to overcome. By his own actions and his own conflicting statements, he has harmed his credibility, possibly irreparably.

If Rauf is in the least bit interested in redeeming himself, he can start by spending his speeches on his brethren who are prone to temper tantrums and explain to them how giving respect is required to get it. He might also explain about freedom of speech and how it is the only true way to have a dialogue and sometimes you might not like what’s said, but mature people get over it and move on. He might also point out that the American government does not endorse, enforce or grant special treatment to one group over another. The concept of equal justice is a worthy topic. He might also mention that Muslims living in America are free to practice their religion, but the U.S. will not accept Sharia and it shouldn’t. Ever. True moderate Muslims should be pleased to not have to worry about living under oppressive laws. And bad behavior will only make the chance of dialogue much harder, if not impossible. Perhaps he should mention that those of his brethren who cannot abide by those simple truths would be happier to remain where they are, but those who can truly separate religious worship from political and militaristic ideology are truly welcome as friends and neighbors of Americans. Temper tantrums will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Maybe he should point out that if Muslims immigrate to America, they should do so because they want to assimilate into American culture, which is diverse and honors its citizens’ roots. Be an American who happens to be Muslim. They’re valued citizens.

Actions, Imam Rauf, speak louder than words. Be the moderate you say you are. Separate religion from Sharia that cannot legally or otherwise usurp the Constitution, federal or state laws. Preach equal justice from every mosque in this country and in the Middle east. You have a choice. You can either be remembered as the imam who led Islam out of the 7th Century into enlightenment or you can be remembered as the man who didn’t lie well.

Americans’ inner meters are working well now and we’re all looking at you, Rauf. The responsibility is yours to make the right choice to stop the Cordoba House and turn your energy to true reform. Violence is the responsibility of the people who commit it and yours, if you continue to distort the issue and encourage violence by blaming America for feigned insults to Islamic people halfway around the world. Muslim behavior is not America’s responsibility. It’s not Great Britain’s. It’s not Italy’s. Nor Sweden’s, nor Denmark’s, nor any other country’s. It’s yours, Imam Rauf, and Islam’s responsibility. Make no mistake, we won’t be fooled again.

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BY  Michael Jensen  Jr

It is articles like the one below that get me going. Here you have a protest that has been going on for sometime now, and this is what they say! “SRINAGAR, India — At least 13 protesters have been killed in clashes with troops in Kashmir that have been partly fueled by a report of a Quran being desecrated in the United States, police said Monday.” LOL! There they go again thinking we are drinking the FOOLAID. Come on people, wake up, and you will see what is going on here. We should not fall for stuff like this. If we do, then we are suckers. The media is getting worse by the day. They will stop at nothing to try and get us to live our lives in fear. They think if we live in fear they can control us a lot better. This all the more reason you know the Quran burning was all a staged act and Terry Jones was in on it. But I could be wrong, but I doubt it.  Nothing will surprise me today! Those fools burn our flag , and no one in the media says anything. They only show us images to rub it in our faces. Where is the media cry when they burn our flags? Oh ya, I  forgot we live in a world where people get their feeling hurt, so we can’t say anything. Well ,we need to take that political correctness and shove it up their you know what, and tell them enough is enough. That is so sad. Our biggest fear in this country is not terrorist; it is the fear of saying the wrong thing!! What happened to freedom of Speech? And most of all what happened to the real Americans right to defend themselves? Please stand up and say what you mean and mean what you say!

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by Michael Jensen Jr

There were echos in the back of my mind. I couldn’t shake them no matter what I did. I dont know why this song lingered in my mind the way it did. For days and days this song haunted me. Like a hero was saying, “Set me free!” He tapped me on my shoulder, and told me, “Michael, will you write my final hymn, give me a hymn that will set me free?” And I asked him why me? He told me I had written it in a dream. The song was in my heart. I knew this when I heard that bugle play. I was to send a hero on his way, set him free. He said, “Please play the song until I get home.” So I played the song for 3 days in a row. He said his thanks, then he was to be on his way. But before he would go I asked him, “Why would it take you so long to get into heaven?” He said “Michael, I was there 3 days ago. It was my final hymn, and I wanted everyone up here to hear my Final Hymn.”
“This song was written in honor of the song Taps. To all the fallen heroes who are lost in the dark of the night, and those who cant seem to fall a sleep, this song is dedicated. Listen to the sound and it will guide you where you need to go.

Final Hymn written Michael Jensen Jr

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Twenty One Guns For My Son

By Michael Jensen Jr

This song is for all the sons who gave their lives for freedom. Remember the thumping in you heart when the song of Taps was playing? The sound of the bugle playing around the world for all to know another hero is on his way on this glorious day. The sounds of Twenty-One Guns echo across the skies, mother and father tears in their eyes, but they still stand proud. May this song always be with our sons.

The song Twenty One Guns written by Michael Jensen Jr

Artist Wayne Bowers

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